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‘Blitz Breaker’ and ‘Twisted Lines’ Need Beta Testers

It’s always cool playing upcoming games. It’s a thrill that doesn’t wear off, and anyone in the media who doesn’t still get a bit of excitement from playing something ahead of its regular availability should reconsider why they’re in the gaming media. Thankfully, everyday peoplelie you, the reader, can play prerelease games as well in exchange for some helpful feedback, as indie developers often working on budgets of $nothing need people with various devices for technical reasons, not to mention making sure their games get as many eyes on them as possible. And with the new Testflight, it’s possible for developers to get hundreds of testers. It’s a pretty cool feature. We often post about developers needing testers, and developers often have great things to say about our audience and their testing.

So with that out of the way, here’s two games that need testing from players. One is Blitz Breaker, which was announced for mobile but wound up releasing on desktop first. It’s a game that makes total sense for mobile, and the prophecy shall soon be fulfilled. However, the developer needs some testers to help make sure the game is running great on mobile, so sign up using this form.

Another game that looks intriguing is Twisted Lines. From the developers of …and then it rained [appprice url="asdf"], this looks like a stylish puzzle game, where you have to get lines across interlocking paths to solve the various puzzles. Looks interesting, and you can reach out via Facebook to help test this out.

We’ll always try to show you the coolest upcoming games and great beta testing opportunities because it’s a great opportunity for everyone involved. If you’re willing to give some feedback, you can get a chance to play some games early and help make them better for everyone.