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‘The Forgotten Room’ is a Creepy New Point-and-Click Adventure from Glitch Games

Glitch Games know how to make those point-and-click adventure games, and they’re back at it again with The Forgotten Room, a new horror-inspired game. They’ve only released a few screenshots and a teaser trailer, but it sure seems might creepy. And that’s exactly what they’re going for – intentionally creepy, versus the incidentally creepy vibe the Forever Lost games gave off. Check out the teaser trailer below, and there’s a forum thread where Glitch Games is responding to posts as well.

This is why I love the modern gaming future. Once, point-and-click adventure games were a rarity to behold. Now, it’s possible for developers to thrive making just those games – Glitch Games released A Short Tale ($3.99) earlier this year and are working on Ellipsis: AE (formerly Solus: AE) as well. There are downsides to modern game distribution, but this is just one of the many upsides if you’re a fan of games that weren’t necessarily deemed to be mainstream. What a time to be alive! And if The Forgotten Room looks like your jam, it’ll be releasing soon-ish, according to Glitch Games.