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See the First Screenshots of Glitch Games’ ‘Solus: After Earth’

Glitch Games can’t stop, and will not stop with the pointing and the clicking. They just released A Short Tale ($3.99) the other day on several platforms, and they aren’t even calling it a weekend on future game development. Solus: After Earth is a futuristic point-and-click adventure game where you wake up alone on a deserted space ship in the year 714 AE. Hmm, who wants to guess that “AE" stands for “After Earth?" Meaning Earth was destroyed or was rendered inhospitable to life? Far out prediction, I know.

Solus AE First Screenshot

The developers are posting details in our forums, and they’ve dropped the first screenshots of the game in there. Their whole range of point-and-click adventure games is quite solid, and there’s no reason to think this will be subpar. No details beyond the screenshots are quite available yet, so keep an eye on the forum thread for more as this one is in development.