Pastagames and DotEmu’s Retro Revival ‘Pang Adventures’ is Now Available

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In July of last year, we first learned that DotEmu was teaming up with Pastagames to revive the 1989 classic arcade series Pang, also known as Buster Bros. and Pomping World. The new game would be called Pang Adventures ($3.99), and besides some very vague promo art, nobody knew what this modern take would be like. Then the following November we finally caught a glimpse of Pang Adventures during DotEmu’s Paris Games Week recap video, and it looked quite faithful to the original but with a more contemporary art style. We didn’t really hear much on the game since that point, but early this morning Pang Adventures surprise launched on the App Store for iOS, along with versions for Steam, consoles, and Android.

In addition to the new art style, Pang Adventures adds a ton of new weapons, new ball types, epic boss fights, and more than 100 levels to play through. There’s also multiplayer options, but sadly those are for the Steam and console versions only. The early impressions rolling into our forums have been extremely positive so far, and I think whether you were a fan of the original game or not that this is one that needs to be on your radar. Both Pastagames and DotEmu are known for their quality releases, and at $2.99 with no IAP shenanigans Pang Adventures is an easy recommendation already, as far as I’m concerned.

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