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‘Titan Quest’ and ‘Pang Adventures’ Featured in DotEmu’s Paris Games Week Video Recap

Being that developer DotEmu is based in France, it’s no surprise that they were at the Paris Games Week show a few weeks back. However, this was the first show where they’ve actually had their own booth, and it looked like they had a bunch of stuff to show off to fans who stopped by. Most of it was games that they’ve already released, but two of their more highly-anticipated upcoming games–Pang Adventures and Titan Quest–were also on display, and you can catch some brief but interesting glimpses of them in this following recap video from DotEmu’s time at the show.

Pang Adventures was originally announced back in late July, and is a departure for DotEmu as it’s actually a reboot of a classic arcade game called Pang (aka Buster Bros. in North America aka Pomping World in Japan) rather than a straight port with new features. This is the first time we’ve seen Pang Adventures in action, an aside from the totally new art style it appears to have the same “shooting upwards and popping balloons" gameplay of the original.

As for Titan Quest, this is more of a typical DotEmu project as it’s a straight port of the popular 2006 Diablo-esque action RPG. It was announced at E3 this past June which is actually where we were able to go hands-on with a very early version and came away quite impressed. That E3 build of Titan Quest was very rough around the edges in terms of performance, visuals and user interface, and in just that brief clip of it in the Paris Games Week video above I can really tell how far it’s come in the months since. Here’s the original announcement trailer in case you missed it.

I’m excited for both Pang Advnentures and Titan Quest–and really anything DotEmu does for that matter–and look forward to hearing more about and subsequently telling you all about both upcoming titles in the near future.