Watch the First Official ‘Clash Royale’ Tournament This Saturday, April 16th

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Supercell’s first Clash Royale (Free) tournament is happening in Helsinki this Saturday, and they’ve provided details on if you want to watch it for yourself. Starting at 1:00 PM EDT on Saturday, April 16th, you can watch the quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals live on either Twitch or YouTube. Or both at the same time, I’m not here to judge your life. But regardless, you can watch the first official competitive Clash Royale event if you want to. It’s not the first Clash Royale broadcast – there was the Shanghai Clash Invitational back in March.

Supercell is estimating about 200 players from all over the globe will attend the festivities. Expect there to be a few rough edges to figure out, as even Supercell says – they want to figure out how to properly run and broadcast one of these events. But this could wind up being a momentous occasion in our potential future where all entertainment has been replaced by just watching or playing Clash Royale all day.

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