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‘PigBang’ is an Upcoming Twin-Stick MOBA That Hopes Its Controls Help it Stand Out

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Many of you are already wondering whether we need another mobile MOBA after the latest deluge of MOBAs hoping to draw substantial player bases in order to survive. Well, the trailer for the upcoming MOBA PigBang starts by pretty much answering that same question and proceeds to claim that it stands out from the rest of the genre for its controls and moves. You control your characters through a twin-stick control system that, personally, I find much more preferable than touch-based control systems partly because I’m lazy and don’t want to move my fingers around but also because I find my fingers block the screen, not ideal when you’re playing fast-paced games.

As you can see from the trailer, this is a very trigger-happy MOBA that departs to a degree from other games of the genre. There are still ability timers, but at least the primary shooting seems to be much more frantic than most other MOBAs. Apparently, in PigBang you can build towers and summon support units, and you can customize your characters through various equipment and talent options. We’ll see how different the game ends up being, but from what I can see so far, I appreciate its speed and ferocity. As for the rest of the features, we’ll have to play it and see. If this looks interesting to you, you can go here and apply for the beta.

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