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‘Flail Rider’ Goes into People’s Houses at Night and Wrecks up the Place This Week

Good news for those of y’all who need a game where you smash stuff with a giant spiked ball behind your car: Flail Rider arrives on March 31st. The game, inspired by a Ludum Dare project by developer Catpancake and published by BulkyPix, has you trying to wreck up one of three different levels as much as possible in 60 seconds. Crash into a building and it’s game over, though, so your wanton destruction can’t be too wanton.

You can play the game in both portrait and landscape orientations, always a welcome feature though it does require two thumbs to play. The game’s going to use the Crossy Road (Free) monetization pretty much to a T. There are 50 vehicles, classified small, medium, or large, that can be unlocked or bought for $0.99 each. As well, a $3.99 golden car that also unlocks a coin doubler can be bought. Otherwise, the game will be free to download starting on March 31st, on both iOS and Android.