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‘Ortus Arena’ is an Upcoming Strategic Turn-Based Game that’s all About Skill

If you enjoy strategic turn-based games where luck plays no part in your wins or loses, then the upcoming Ortus Arena will probably be right up your alley. The digital version of the abstract board game has players battle over control of the Energy Wells on the board, and the first to either control five of them or knock out eight of the opponent’s warriors wins. In order to move, attack, or defend, players have to manage their Energy, so every match becomes all about balancing attack, defense, and tactical positioning. The fact that there’s no luck involved (and especially no dice or card draws) means you’ll avoid blaming your luck for losing and can, instead, blame your incompetence.

The game offers solo mode in two difficulties, local and online multiplayer, online leaderboards to compare your skill with others, and more. Ortus Arena is more chess-like than anything, and it looks like it should be a lot of fun for those who like to test their skills rather than their luck. While the visuals won’t be what brings people to this game, the gameplay looks pretty solid. There’s no release date, but you can join the beta here if you want to check the game out.