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New ‘Card Thief’ Developer Diary Released, Revealing New Game Mechanics and Art

Card Thief, the followup to the fantastic Card Crawl [appprice url="asdf"] released last year by Tinytouchtales, is well into development. A new developer’s blog has just been posted that runs down some of the new features that they’re working on. For example, guards, one of the enemies in the game, are now reactive, but you can find ways to trick them to face away from you based on their behavior. Also, the chest mechanic is being figured out. Right now, the chest that you need to collect to win spawns on the board halfway through the game, and it becomes more valuable the longer it stays on the board. However, you need more stealth in order to pick up more valuable chests, so there’s a tradeoff. As well, Mexer’s unique art is coming together, as you can see in the latest GIFs for the game:

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This all seems rather promising. This kind of solitare roguelike obviously worked well with Card Crawl, and I have full faith in how this new twist on a 52-card game is going to work out. Check out the forum thread for more updates on the game as it’s in development.