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Is This the First Footage of ‘Pokemon GO’?

Did the first footage of Pokemon GO, the augmented reality mobile Pokemon game from Niantic Labs, just leak? That’s sure what it looks like, as someone has uploaded footage presumably from an SXSW talk that John Hanke, Niantic CEO, gave on Saturday, March 19th. Check it out for yourself, as Hanke allegedly tries to capture an Ivysaur with a Master Ball. Which seems ridiculous, but the kind of thing you’d do in a demo if you could give yourself unlimited Master Balls and had to show off how they work:

Now, it’s quite possible this is a fake from an enterprising YouTuber, but considering that this showed up shortly after the panel, is being demoed on an Android device (Niantic was an internal Google startup before going independent and getting Google funding), and sure seems like an elaborate enough fake to be timed after a panel that I’m not sure a lot of people knew was happening. So, with the caveat that uploader “Eric F" might be crafty enough to perfectly craft and time believable Pokemon Go footage, and who doesn’t love Nintendo speculation, this footage should lead to plenty of speculation as to how the game is coming along.