GDC 2016: Thanks to Everyone Who Came to Our Patreon Meetup!

patreon_logoEarlier this week we hosted a small get-together for all of our Patreon backers who might also be in San Francisco this week. Jared and I are rarely ever in the same place, so it was really cool to hang out and hang out with all the people backing us on Patreon.

It’s worth saying again, you guys are all awesome and it’s really cool to hang out with fans of the site. Oh, and a special shout out to Andy, a reader/backer of our site who was buying drinks left and right for everyone who showed up. Thanks for making the meetup so great. Anyway, if you’re interested in joining the happy family of TouchArcade readers who love the site enough to toss even a buck a month our way to keep things running, head over to our Patreon.