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‘Total War Battles: Kingdom’ Launches Worldwide Next Week

Sega’s big free-to-play, cross-platform, raiding-strategy take on the Total War series, Total War Battles: Kingdom, will be going worldwide next week on March 24th. Technically, you could already be playing it if you had the Canadian soft launch (and we have a guide on how to get iTunes accounts in foreign countries) and the Steam “open beta" that’s available right now. This is why game launches in 2016 are so weird: really, this is just flicking a few switches that were putting up slight obstructions to you playing this game, and it’ll be easier for you to pay for it, I suppose.

While the Steam reviews are mixed, and it isn’t a ‘real’ Total War game in that it’s aiming more for that free-to-play empire-building market than other games. But, Total War Battles: Shogun ($4.99) was an altered experience too, and this takes more after that. Plus, there’s hex grids, so it’s a real game. Do the main Total War games have hex grids? I think not. So they’re not real games and Total War Battles: Kingdom is a real game, and you’ll be able to play it next week.