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‘Tesla Tubes’ is a Connect-the-Dots Puzzler From Kiloo Without IAP

Kiloo, publishers of Subway Surfers (Free), have announced a new puzzle game by Voony Games that they’re publishing to the App Store in mid-March. Tesla Tubes has you drawing paths for tubes to connect various electrical endpoints. This kind of puzzle gameplay has been seen before, and has even formed the basis of social RPGs like Dungeon Link (Free), but the production values on this one are looking really good. Also, you have various other wrinkles thrown in, such as endpoints that don’t activate until earlier ones are activated, and switches that lower walls in your way.

I do enjoy the connect-the-dots style of play that this game has, and I’m down for a slick, well-made version of that sort of game, so sign me up for this. Plus, it’s going to be free with no in-app purchases at all when it releases on March 17th. Huzzah!