‘Dungeon of the Endless’ Roguelike and Tower Defense Hybrid Goes Free This Week

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Good news for you if Dungeon of the Endless ($3.99) was on your list of games to someday check out but you just never got around to buying it: the game is currently free this week. No IAP, no shenanigans: just a free download of this interesting mix between a roguelike and tower defense game, all set in a pixel art landscape. If you need more convincing than “it’s free right now," Shaun’s review should convince you.

This freebie is going on through Monday, March 14th, so you have a few days to download it, but why not right now? Interstingly, this popped up on a Saturday night, and like many surprising freebies, it was curious as to why this was happening. If a freebie happens mid-week, it’s usually preparing to be the App Store’s free app of the week, but this appears to just be a random promotion to get the game in more people’s eyes. The game is $11.99 on PC, so you’re getting yourself quite a bargain here.

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