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‘Labyrinth’ is an Upcoming CCG RPG Where you Raid Other Players’ Dungeons

LabyrinthI have a hunch that the title caught your eye, didn’t it? I have to admit, Labyrinth sounds promising, and from what I’ve seen so far in various gameplay videos, it seems to deliver on that promise. So, what is Labyrinth? Well, if you were hoping for a game starring David Bowie, sorry to disappoint. Labyrinth is a hybrid of sorts that blends CCG, tactical RPG, and classic dungeon building. You build parties of 3 heroes, each with their own card deck, and then you raid dungeons built by other players. As you level up and grow your collection, you can build and expand your own dungeons and defend them against other players’ heroes. On offense, you get various cards that help you build your heroes’ decks; on defense, you build decks for your dungeon Boss that include minions and traps.

According to the game’s developers, they are hoping that by including a turn-based 3D combat system, they will bring more action and tactical thinking into the battlefield and in the process move away from traditional CCG rules and play (although 3D combat based on CCG rules reminds me a bit of Loot & Legends (Free) and Card Hunter). What should make the game stand out among similar games is the dungeon building part. The multiplayer part of the game is asynchronous, and you get to attack someone’s dungeon while they are not online, a bit like Clash of Clans in a way.

When you attack, you have to overcome various encounters set up by the dungeon builder (in other words, you’ll have to beat his deck in 3D combat). The good thing is that you don’t lose gold if the raid is successful but, rather, just rank levels. I’m intrigued by what I’ve heard so far, and I wonder how the various systems will end up blending (or not blending). The game will of course be F2P and will be coming to iOS and Android at some point in the future.