‘Last Horizon’ Update Adds New Mode and Unlocks Existing Modes for All Players

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In November of last year, Pixeljam released a wonderful little game called Last Horizon ($2.99). In it you played an astronaut who needed to flee your dying world in a hurry, so you set out on a solo journey through space attempting to harvest resources and not get killed on your way to a new inhabitable planet to call home. The excellent controls and fun inertia-based flying made Last Horizon a winner in our eyes, but there were a couple of drawbacks. One was that Last Horizon was a pretty difficult game, and the way it was set up you had to actually beat one world to unlock the next, harder world, and eventually unlock an endless mode.

Well, I imagine there were quite a few people who had a tough time getting past that first or second world and therefore were missing out on what Last Horizon had to offer. Today a new update has arrived that remedies this by removing the requirements and unlocking all the game’s modes for everyone. Of course, this means that a brand new player could potentially hop into a super difficult advanced level right of the bat and get smoked, but… just don’t do that, okay?

The other major part of this latest update is a brand new mode called Escape. If you thought any of the previous modes in the game were difficult, well, let’s just say Escape will melt your face off. It’s a randomly generated mode that starts you off on one of the hostile red planets with pissed off aliens immediately trying to take you out and who will pursue you during you entire trip. So, you know, don’t take too long trying to gather or refill your resources. On top of all that, gravity has been increased as have the amount of asteroids, meteorites, and comets. Basically, everything and the kitchen sink is out to kill you in Escape mode.

The update is out now so if you’ve been waiting to try out any of the game’s modes but have been unable to unlock them before, or you’re a masochist and want the new Escape mode to kick you in the rear, then head over to the App Store and grab the latest version of Last Horizon.

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