Veteran iOS Game Developer Gathering Data to Try to Fix the Dreaded Game Center Bug

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I’ve known Man Up Time’s Bruce Morrison for years now, and I promise he’s somehow been involved in something you’ve played between various Freeverse and ngmoco titles, or other newer projects. Today his studio released Cinemoji (Free), a fun two player guessing game that challenges players to guess movies based on emoji of all things. Like a lot of games, we got an early preview build a while ago, but couldn’t play it because the game relies on Apple’s Game Center to work. If you’ve been smoked out by what’s become known as simply, the Game Center bug, you can’t play Cinemoji or many other games that similarly depend on Game Center at all because your Game Center doesn’t work for unknown reasons.

We posted about the Game Center bug a while ago, pointing to one of the biggest threads in our forums filled with tons of people trying to figure out how to fix it. So far, people have “solved" the problem by doing full device restores, weird rituals involving toggling on and off passcodes, and a bunch of other really crazy stuff. The concerning part is that for some people, the bug always seems to come back. Worse yet, the iPhone and games that depend on Game Center really don’t give you any kind of clue as to what’s happening, as there’s no great error message to troubleshoot or anything else. Stuff just doesn’t work.


So, Bruce is taking it upon himself to gather as much data about this problem as possible to hopefully find some kind of solution, or if nothing else, the cause. If you’ve been afflicted by the Game Center Bug, check out this post in the forums. If you’d like to help out some more and contribute your device logs to get to the bottom of this, here is how to get them if you use a Mac and here is how to do it on a PC. While it’s hard to say what will come of all this, Bruce Morrison is the kind of guy who has been around since the beginning of iOS gaming, so if anyone is capable of putting together an epic bug report filled with loads of data to hopefully get this to the proper channels to eventually get fixed, it’s him.

Anyway, if you’d like to help out, either post in the thread or hit up Bruce directly on Twitter.

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