The ‘League of Legends’ Social Companion App ‘League Friends’ Is Now Available

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Riot’s PC and Mac free to play MOBA League of Legends is one of the most, if not the most popular games in the world. Riot doesn’t release statistics often, but when they do it’s consistently mind-blowing just how many millions of people, from every corner of the world, are playing League of Legends every day. Hell, it’s been my favorite game since their beta launched years ago, and one I’ve somehow spent thousands of dollars on since. (No regrets, skins = wins.) The one problem LoL has always had is it’s by far the most fun when you’re playing with a team of friends, but communicating with your in-game friends when you’re not logged in has always been difficult- Particularly if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like mixing your gaming friends with real-world contact information. Well, today Riot solved that problem once and for all with League Friends (Free), a companion app (which is also available on Google Play) that keeps you connected to League of Legends at all times.

It’s a little barebones right now compared to some of the other (now either broken or entirely defunct) third party League of Legends apps which have hit the App Store over the years, but that’s fine, Riot is committed to updating and maintaining the app as it evolves over the years- Just like League of Legends itself. Using the app right now, you can reach your in-game friends without being in front of your PC, and your League friends can message you in League Friends no matter where you are.


I dig it, as nothing sucks more than being like, “I feel like playing some LoL," logging in, and seeing all your friends already in game when you totally would have played with them if you just knew they were queuing up. The dream here, is that you can just get an alert that your friends want to play when you’re putzing around your house, then you can hop in game and watch the night melt away as you play game after game of League of Legends.

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