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‘Furdemption 2’ Beta Begins Today, New Teaser Video Released

We’ve been keeping an awfully close eye on Furdemption 2, the sequel to one of our favorite releases of 2015 that was formally announced back in early November. In trying to keep with the times, Furdemption 2 developer RareSloth is leaning heavily towards making the game free to play, and they even wanted feedback from fans on the best way to go about doing that without being unfriendly to players. Anyway, work has been continuing on Furdemption 2 in the months since its announcement, and just today the beta version went live for testers. RareSloth has also released a new teaser trailer showing off a bunch of the new stuff in the sequel.

Furdemption 2 looks so, so good, I can’t wait to see how the finished version ends up. I do worry about the free to play stuff though, for a couple of reasons. One, I think that RareSloth will try too hard to be friendly to players and end up not making enough money, something I like to call the Punch Quest effect. Secondly, I worry that even if Furdemption 2 is the most fair and giving free to play game on the planet, it’ll still get a bad rap from those folks who absolutely reject anything and everything that has to do with free to play no matter what, which would be a total shame. I genuinely hope everything turns out alright as the original Furdemption is an amazing game, and there’s so much potential for the sequel. To follow along with its development, be sure to hit up the forum discussion.