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Jonathan Blow’s ‘The Witness’ Might be Coming to iOS, But Don’t Hold Your Breath, Yet

Perhaps you’ve heard of this little game called The Witness recently, the exploration-puzzle game by Jonathan Blow that’s just released to pretty much universal acclaim and great sale numbers (somewhere around 5 million dollars gross revenue in the first week alone). This game was very, very long in the making, with development beginning around 2008. Just to give you an idea of how long this game was in development, we wrote about it back in 2011 and then again in 2012, when the developer posted an image of the game running on the iPad. Ever since then, we’ve been keeping an eye on The Witness, hoping that eventually the game will end up on our iPads. Well, now that the game is out for PC and the Playstation 4, Jonathan Blow seems to be serious about bringing the game to iOS judging by his Twitter feed today.

Apparently, Blow’s looking for an iOS developer to help bring the game to the iPad and is looking for someone who’s worked with Apple’s Metal, which makes sense given how great The Witness looks and plays. They’ve already had the game running on iOS through GL in the past, so there’s some work already done. So, it looks like Blow is serious about bringing the game to iOS, but that doesn’t mean that the game will actually end up releasing on iOS or whether that release will happen any time soon. The game’s development history was long and protracted, so there’s really no guarantee that you’ll end up exploring the world of The Witness on your iPad when all’s said and done. Still, one can hope.