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Pre-Registration for Nintendo’s ‘Miitomo’ App Starts February 17th, Release Slated for Mid-March

Nintendo mobile news has been frequent in 2016 so far, with an announcement a few weeks ago that its first mobile title would be arriving in March, followed by an announcement just earlier today that Nintendo would be pushing one of its “best-known characters" into a smartphone title sooner rather than later due to their just-reported decline in profits. Well, now we’re getting even more snippets of news as Dr. Serkan Toto, a highly reliable and respected Tokyo-based consultant and frequent breaker of Nintendo-related news, has said that pre-registration for Nintendo’s Miitomo app, which was announced last October, will begin on February 17th, with a release planned for sometime in mid-March.

In subsequent tweets, Dr. Toto elaborates that pre-registration events aren’t as widespread in the Western market yet, but are often used as a user-acquisition tool over in Japan. I know that I’ve personally been lured into several different pre-registration events with the promise of exclusive items or benefits for when the game officially launched. In another tweet, Dr. Toto says those who pre-register will receive points, and that Miitomo will be made available in 8 languages and 16 different markets including the US and Japan when it launches next month. If any more details surface we’ll update this post, otherwise keep an eye out for Miitomo in about 6 weeks.