‘Magic: The Gathering-Puzzle Quest’ Gets First Major Update, Adds New Quick Battle Mode and More

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If you’ve been playing Magic: The Gathering-Puzzle Quest (Free), you’ll know the developers have managed to marry the two genres quite successfully and given us a pretty deep and entertaining take on the Magic universe. In other words, it’s fun. Today, the game received its first major update that has added quite a few things. First of all, we are getting a new Quick Battle mode where you fight decks created by other players (but played by the AI), and while you don’t lose points when defeated, you earn points that will give you rewards at the end of the event. Quick Battle now offers you a chance at cards from specific colors along with free card packs and currency.

Events reset on a two-weeks cycle, so on Monday to Wednesday you can get rare and mythic White cards, Wednesday-Friday rare and mythic Blue cards, Friday-Sunday rare and mythic Green cards, and then Red, Black, and Colorless. If you win at least one fight during this time period, you’ll earn a reward. The update also adds 25 new Heroic encounters to the game, which unlock when you complete Gideon’s Heroic encounter. These encounters are different than the traditional ones since they have a static starting hand and reward much more Mana Runes than most other encounters. Finally, we are getting new daily rewards, plenty of balancing changes, and the usual fixes. Go here if you want to read the whole changelog.

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