The Charming yet Challenging ‘Piloteer’ is Free for the First Time, Go Grab It

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If you like to crash again, and again, and again, then you should be playing Piloteer ($2.99), a very challenging but equally rewarding jetpack (dying) simulator from Fixpoint Productions that’s gone free for the first time as Apple’s Free App of the Week. We really liked the game when we reviewed it because while it’s absurdly challenging, it’s not impossible. So, when you actually get the hang of it, or at least as much as one can get the hang of a rocket strapped to ones back, the game becomes incredibly satisfying. Mastering your jetpack doesn’t come from buying the right upgrade but rather having the right feel for it. There are many iOS games that border on the impossible and infuriating but not that many that walk the fine line of “nigh impossible yet doable once mastered" (after many, many attempts).

The game also stands out for its clever cardboard-cutout art style that makes you feel like playing around in a child’s arts and crafts project. This 2D aesthetic helps make the game feel “old" in a charming way that does a lot to match the game’s overall feel. Add to that a great soundtrack, and you’ve got yourself a winner in every aspect. Be warned, though, this game will probably have you tossing your iOS device across the room multiple times; but hey, you might stick the landing.

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