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Upcoming ‘Epic of Kings’ Looks Pretty Sweet, Check out the Launch Trailer

In late 2014 we posted about Epic of Kings, and iff you’re into things like big muscley dudes, dragons, huge swords, giant trolls, and other things along those lines, it probably was on your radar somewhere. Well, after years of waiting it’s finally scheduled for release next month (The developers are shooting for February 18th) and it’ll be available on both iOS and Android. Taking place in the mystical world of Khunirath, Epic of Kings, as the title hints, is an epic action roleplaying game. Check out the launch trailer:

The developer, Dead Mage, is promising a deep combat system using touch controls, epic boss fights, an engaging story, dozens of weapons, and (as shown in the trailer) the high-end graphics offered by Unreal Engine 4. For more details on this game, either keep your eyes peeled here on TouchArcade, or sign up for their mailing list over on the Epic of Kings web site (which also has a ton of screenshots). We’ve also got a thread in our forums, although it’s mostly filled with people wondering where in the world the game is.