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Creator and Designer of ‘Might and Magic’ and ‘Heroes of Might and Magic’ Series Soft Launches ‘Creature Quest’

If you’re a old school RPG/strategy gamer, the name Jon Van Caneghem likely holds a lot of weight in your gaming history. If it’s not ringing any bells, he’s the designer and creator of the Might and Magic as well as the Heroes of Might and Magic game series. Jon Van Caneghem’s resume includes a crazy amount of super important, incredibly groundbreaking PC and console games. Recently he’s teamed up with VC Mobile Entertainment, a mobile studio funded by Asian juggernaut Tencent, to create Creature Quest which soft launched in New Zealand, Australia, and a few other tiny regions a few days ago. Check out the trailer:

I really want to give this game the benefit of the doubt, but I can’t help but feel a tinge disappointed that one of the forefathers of what we know as modern RPG’s is now making free to play, collection-centric, mobile games. I’m certainly more than willing to give the game a fair shake, particularly given its pedigree, but as we’ve mentioned on our podcast, it’s getting really difficult to get excited for yet another game where you collect things, level them up, build stuff, log in for your daily bonus, and all that.