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‘Tap My Katamari – Endless Cosmic Clicker’ Soft-Launches in New Zealand

A couple of weeks back Bandai Namco announced Tap My Katamari, a new idle clicker game set in the wacky and wonderful world of Katamari Damacy. While one of the core joys of the Katamari games over the years has been rolling up a million crazy objects into a giant ball in a 3D world, there’s also the completely bonkers music and characters to consider. They are fantastic. While disappointing to see rolling up your own katamari in an open 3D world reduced to simple clicker mechanics, the trailer for Tap My Katamari at least retained the upbeat and super weird vibe of previous games. Now we can find out first-hand what Tap My Katamari is all about as today the game launched in the New Zealand App Store.

I went ahead and downloaded Tap My Katamari on my NZ account and after spending just a few minutes fiddling around with it it’s pretty much what I expected. Tapping causes The Prince to roll the katamari, moving it faster the faster you tap. You’ll of course pick up strange objects along the way as well as coins, which can be used to upgrade a number of different abilities and stats. It all seems like pretty standard clicker stuff, but with a wacky Katamari Damacy theme, which is great. It’ll be interesting to see if this one holds up in the long term or not, or if it can stand out from the many other clickers on the market.

If you have access to a New Zealand App Store account you can grab Tap My Katamari with the link below, and it may even be in other territories so you might want to check your own local App Store. Once we get word on a worldwide release date we’ll let you know.

[Thanks to our reader Barrett for the heads up!]

New Zealand App Store Link: Tap My Katamari – Endless Cosmic Clicker, Free (Universal)