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‘Surfingers’ from ‘Timberman’ Creator Digital Melody Games Hits this Week

Timberman ($0.99) is the surprise success that put developer Digital Melody on the map a couple of years ago, and they’ve had a few releases since then but nothing that’s hit it quite as big. This week their latest effort will be released into the savage wild jungle that is the App Store. It’s called Surfingers, and like Timberman it’s a fast-reaction high-scoring game, but this one is all about controlling the height of the waves so as to clear a safe path for your little surfer. Check out the trailer.

As you can see Surfingers looks like another clever concept, and of course there’s the now required massive list of unlockable characters a la Crossy Road (Free) to keep you busy for the long term. Interestingly, Surfingers will also be available on the Apple TV and once an update drops later this month the Apple TV version will include a local co-op multiplayer mode, which sounds fun. Look for Surfingers to drop later this week on January 7th.