The TouchArcade Show Rewind – 237 – Favorite Games of 2009

LogoMerry Christmas, everyone! Due to the holidays, we didn’t record a new episode this week, so we’re dipping back into our archives. This one is actually courtesy of Facebook’s weird new “On This Day" feature which recommended this 2009 roundup I wrote of all the cool things that happened in the world of iOS gaming. What’s especially crazy about this was ngmoco’s Eliminate had just recently been released, and no one realized the massive free to play trend that was going to kick off. Instead, it was just a weird new way they were selling the game.

For an additional slice of App Store history, check out our best games of 2009. Along with this article went a companion podcast we recorded with the guys from Tigerstyle who had just been awarded our first-ever Game of the Year for Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor (Free). It’s a fascinating discussion on the best games at the time, as even though it’s technically the same iOS platform, it feels like there’s been several generational leaps in the kind of games we’ve seen released. Oh, and of course, for the sake of comparison, here are our best games for this year. What a difference six years makes.

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