‘Guitar Hero Live’ Gets $40 Sale Just Weeks After Launch

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Along with the new features in Guitar Hero Live (Free), there came one big thing along with it: the game’s digital unlock has just gone on sale for $9.99, down from the $49.99 original price. And if you want to play the game with the actual guitar, well, you can nab the guitar bundle for $59.99 on Amazon right now, so you can look at it as paying $50 for the guitar either way, but the game is basically $10 at the moment.

If you haven’t bought the game and want to get into it, you’ve just saved yourself a bunch of money right before Christmas. But this has to sting for people who paid full price for just the digital version. Seeing your $50 purchase be something that is now $10 only weeks after you bought it isn’t exactly the kind of thing that makes you feel confident about paying full price for games in the future. Still, this is kind of business as usual on the App Store: price drops and sales can come at any moment, even not long after release. But especially when technical issues made the game unplayable for many people, it’s not likely that people who bought in earlier are going to be all that understanding about this massive sale.

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