Upcoming ‘World of Tanks: Blitz’ 2.4 Update Adds the Japanese Tank Line and a New Map

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World of Tanks Blitz (Free) has been continuously expanding both in terms of tank numbers and maps. Upcoming 2.4 Update will be no exception to this trend as it will add 13 Japanese tanks to the game, a whole new line for players to explore and enjoy. We’ll be getting 3 Light Tanks and 10 Medium Tanks, most of which don’t have the greatest armor but have pretty good, quick guns as a general rule. They are the kind of tanks you don’t want to put too close to enemy tanks but pretty good when you keep your distance and snipe. Chi-Ri (VII) is the first real autoloader on WOT Blitz and probably a blast (pun intended) to play, and the Tier X STB-1 is a pretty mobile tank with huge firepower. Overall, this should be a fun new addition to the game that should create even more variety in the battlefield, always a good thing in my eyes.

We are also getting a famous map from the PC version (although with plenty of changes), Himmelsdorf. Because of the continuous optimization of the game engine, the developers are now able to add a town map for the first time. The map lacks the hill and some of the city blocks from the PC version, and the railway area has been reworked. It’ll be snowing throughout the battle, which should make it pretty nice (and Christmas-y). The map looks really nice, and it should offer fun spots for all the different kinds of tanks. Check it out in the video below. The Temple map should also see some changes, and we should also get the various technical fixes. The update should be coming soon, so stay tuned for more info.


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