‘Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey’ Gets Permanent Price Cut, Original Buyers Get Future Episodes for Free

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The release of Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey ($4.99) was fraught with controversy when people found that the game was buggy and ended before all of the content in the game was made available, with the seeming episodic nature of the game being made clear only later. Well, Kobojo, after some behind-the-scenes discussions, has decided to make some changes to the game’s price and to try and keep original buyers happy.

You may notice that the game is now $4.99. This is purposeful. This is the game’s new regular price, with the plan being for future episodes of the game (at least 2) to cost $4.99 each, though a season pass will be made available. Anyone who bought the game at $8.99 will receive the season pass with access to all future episodes for free.

While this certainly seems fair to paid players, and Kobojo’s CEO Mario Rizzo seemed genuinely upset about the situation, I’m curious to see how users feel about these plans, especially since the initial communication over the episodic content – which Rizzo claimed was a mistake, that they intended to say the game was episodic – was so botched.

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