Epic Card Week in ‘WWE SuperCard’, ‘My NBA 2K16’ and ‘NHL SuperCard’ Delivers Free Epic Cards

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2K Games has a deal in place if you want to nab some epic cards in their card games. Starting today on December 4th and going through December 10th, Epic Card Week is happening in WWE SuperCard (Free), My NBA 2K16 (Free), and NHL SuperCard (Free). How it works is that if you play a game in each of these titles on the same device before December 10th, you’ll receive an Epic-level rarity card in each of the games after the 10th when the event ends.

Epic Card Week

This should be quite worth it for players – they’re not quite the top rarities in each game, but it’s still a high-level card to be had. And hey, who knows, maybe NHL SuperCard is the card game you’ve been missing your whole life. So if you want some free Epic cards, get on with the downloading and playing!

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