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Racing Around Pool Tables Lives Again: ‘Micro Machines’ is Back!

One of those games that has perhaps an outsized reputation among 8-bit and 16-bit era gamers is Micro Machines. It’s a fun game, but for some reason remembered more than games of similar or better quality. Maybe it’s the variety of the game, where you drive around bathtubs and pool tables in tiny cars. Maybe it’s that it’s top-down, a style that holds up better than behind-the-back games. Horizon Chase (Free) perhaps begs to differ, though. Or perhaps it’s just a reminder of those cool little toy cars. But regardless of why it’s memorable, this announcement that Chillingo and Codemasters are doing a new Micro Machines game has me excited:

Not a lot of details beyond that, beyond that the game is set to arrive this year, and will be a 3D game, with plenty of racing of tiny cars. I’m certainly curious to see how this will turn out, and if a modern take on this formula can still be fun after all these years. Keep an eye out for this one.