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New Details on ‘Futurama: Game of Drones’ Revealed, Including Talented Writing Staff

If you recall around San Diego Comic-Con time, there was an announcement of a Futurama game coming to mobile, but we didn’t really know much in the way of details or anything quite yet when it was announced, but a few more details have just rolled out. We know the title: Futurama: Game of Drones. Wooga is oging to publish the game, with their lineup of free-to-play games, so if you were hoping this would be a paid game, well, it’s looking unlikely. Hate to break it to you, it is 2015.

Futurama Game of Drones

Three acclaimed writers are going to come up with the storyline for the game:

  • Dave Grossman (Secret of Monkey Island, The Wolf Among Us (Free))
  • Jonathon Myers (Game of Thrones: Ascent (Free))
  • Patric M. Verrone (writer on Futurama)

As far as the gameplay goes, you’ll be assembling an army of delivery drones to deliver dangerous cargo to far-off places, trying to top MomCo’s efforts. You’ll probably fail, because Mom is unstoppable, but hey – the fun will be in trying. No word on any release date quite yet.