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A ‘Futurama’ Mobile Game is Coming, Just Shut up and Take my Money

Futurama has had many lives, what with being a turn-of-the-millennium animated show on Fox, it’s been canceled and revived several times. But now it appears its next life is as a mobile game, with this cryptic announcement on, promising that it’s an upcoming mobile game and that it’s a “mobile game coming soon" and “kill all the humans…on the go!" We have no clue what exactly this will be, but hey, just the idea sounds exciting.


There’s no other word on just what this will be, but even if it’s just The Simpsons: Tapped Out (Free) but with Futurama, I mean, I’m fine with that. Building my own robot empire in New New York? Managing the New New York Mets? Harvesting killbots? I don’t care, just shut up and take my money! We should be hearing more about this at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, so keep an eye out.