‘Warhammer: 40,000 Freeblade’ Finally Launches Worldwide

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Back at the iPhone 6S reveal keynote, one of the ways Apple showed off the new 3D Touch functionality was by inviting the developers of Warhammer: 40,000 Freeblade (Free) up to come demo the way you can press a little harder on the screen to switch aiming modes. It’s a cool idea, and really does a great job of illustrating the neat little ways 3D Touch can work in games. If you missed it, here’s a clip:

The game has been soft launched for the last few weeks in numerous tiny territories, which resulted in a thread on our forums filled with all sorts of first impressions. The general vibe seems to be the gameplay is cool, the game itself is beautiful, but it’s (somewhat unsurprisingly) packed to the brim with IAP. But, hey, even if you find the game’s pay model annoying, if you’ve got an iPhone 6S, Freeblade seems worth downloading just to check out the 3D Touch functionality. It’s weird how few games are using it in any meaningful way, so when one comes along, it feels worth highlighting.

It should be out everywhere now, so, if you’re curious go ahead and mash that download button.

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