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Crescent Moon Games Heads to Apple TV with ‘NeoArcade’

If you’re still on the hunt for cool things to do with your new Apple TV (aside from watching TV and movies, anyway) you’ll be happy to know that the dudes at Crescent Moon Games have set their sights on their platform. Their first release is called NeoArcade, which features four different classic arcade style games that can be played with one or two players. Here’s the trailer:

Included in the game is NeoFire, which plays a lot like Crossfire, the brick breaker NeoSmash, NeoTanks which is a modern take on those old Atari style tank games, and NeoCycles which has TRON-like light bike battles. All the games are playable with the Siri remote, and if you add an MFi controller into the mix a second player can join.

It was just submitted, so it’ll be on the Apple TV App Store in… Well, however long Apple TV App Store approvals take. There’s also plans for it to come to iPhone and iPad eventually.

Update: To clarify, this is Crescent Moon’s second game on the Apple TV. Operation Dracula was their first, this one is just the first title of theirs launching initially on the Apple TV.