‘Temple of Orsis’ Guide: Tips and Decklists for Normal and Heroic ‘Hearthstone’ League of Explorers Adventure

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It has begun fellow adventurers. Temple of Orsis, the first Wing of Hearthstone‘s (Free) new Adventure, The League of Explorers, is now available, and millions of fellow adventurers are diving into the temples, avoiding traps and searching for loot (cards) and glory. If you don’t know what a Hearthstone Adventure is, this is a Single Player mode where players have to defeat various bosses and challenges in order to earn the 45 new cards. The Adventure consists of 4 Wings (each with 3 or more bosses/challenges), and a total of 9 class challenges, one for each Hearthstone class. We know that not everyone has the time, patience, or skill to make it through the Temple of Orsis unscathed. So, we will be putting together Guides to help you get those sweet new cards as easily and painlessly as possible. This guide will describe the various encounters, give you tips and tricks for each, and then give you decks ideas to help you get the Staff Of Origination.

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Guide to Defeating Zinaar in Normal and Heroic Difficulty

Zinaar is a Genie that explorer Reno, well, rubbed the wrong way. His Hero Power is Djinn’s Intuition, which allows him to draw an extra card each turn but also gives you a Wish, a zero-cost card that primarily uses the Discover mechanic. In Heroic, he also gains a Mana Crystal. In case you haven’t been following Hearthstone news recently, Discover let’s you pick one out of three random cards that can be either from your class or from neutral cards. The Wishes you get from him are the following:

  • Wish for Power: Discover a Spell
  • Wish for Valor: Discover a 4-cost Minion
  • Wish for Glory: Discover a Minion
  • Wish for More Wishes: Gain 2 Wishes
  • Wish for Companionship: Discover a Companion

HearthstoneAs you can see, you’ll have plenty of cards coming your way too each turn. Make sure the cards you pick when you use the Wishes work with your current cards and especially your current mana. That way, you can keep getting cards on the board. Because of all this drawing you’ll have in this encounter, you shouldn’t bring a deck or class that includes card draw; for instance, the Warlock’s Hero Power is useless in this fight. At the same time, though, Handlock is a fun deck to have because of all the cards you’ll have in your hand.

You’ll be better off bringing a class that can do face damage (Hunter, of course) and filling up the deck with low-cost minions to retain the ability to play cards on all turns. Rogue is also fun because all the Wish cards can get your Combo cards going for nothing. Don’t go with a Control-style deck because, again, you’ll run the risk of getting too many cards in your hand while waiting to get combos. Instead, go with a fast, aggressive deck and remember, you’ll be able to Discover 4-cost minions along the way because of the Wish cards. As always, carry plenty of removal but don’t bother too much with full board removal as your threats will be few in Normal mode.

In Heroic mode, make sure you Mulligan for early removal. Be much more careful in the way you use your Wish cards in this mode because you’ll need to be drawing the right card at the right time to have a chance. If you go with a Warrior Deck, you can bring Brawl along to clear the board when it gets too busy. Make sure you bring heavy duty Taunts (Sludge Belcher for instance), and don’t let the board get out of control; those Windfury minions will smash you to pieces very quickly if you let them.

If you are having a hard time beating Heroic Zinaar, use this Flamewaker deck by Wtybill:

2 Arcane Blast
2 Arcane Missiles
2 Mirror Image
2 Mana Wyrm
1 Arcane Explosion
2 Flamecannon
2 Frostbolt
2 Unstable Portal
1 Bloodmage Thalnos
2 Mad Scientist
2 Sorcerer’s Apprentice
2 Arcane Intellect
1 Counterspell
2 Mirror Entity
2 Flamewalker
2 Fireball
1 Loatheb

Once you defeat Zinaar for the first time, you’ll get Djinni of Zephyrs and Jeweled Scarab.

Hearthstone Hearthstone


Guide to Defeating Sun Raider Phaerix in Normal and Heroic Mode

This is a very fun fight with a clever little mechanic. Phaerix Normal Hero Power is “Whoever Controls the Rod of the Sun is Immune." The Rod of the Sun is a 0/5 Minion that when it dies, it switches sides and makes that player immune. In other words, as long as you have that Rod on your side of the board, you are safe in Normal mode. In Heroic mode, only Phaerix is immune while he controls the Rod of the Sun, and the Rod gets +3/+3 as long as it’s under Phaerix‘s control.

HearthstoneThis fight is really easy in Normal since you can very easily kill the Rod to bring it to your side and then bash Phaerix to pieces. Bring plenty of Silence cards so you don’t have to bother with the Taunts he uses, bring minion removal that can take out a 5-cost minion (which makes getting the Rod on your side very easy without having to trade), and you should be fine. While the Rod is on your side, your Hero is immune, which means you can bring a Warlock deck stacked with minions that cause damage to you when you play them and you’ll still be fine. Phaerix will occasionally play a minion called Tol’vir Hoplite, a 5/2 minion with Deathrattle that deals 5 damage to both heroes. Kill it when the Rod is on your side for some easy damage on Phaerix.

In Heroic, you’ll really want to protect the Rod since it makes the whole fight imbalanced by making only your opponent immune. Divine Shield helps protect the Rod while good Taunt minions will also help. You could also simply buff the Rod if you are playing Priest, Paladin, or similar classes. If you are playing Priest, double that Rod‘s health whenever you get the chance as it will really take it out of Phaerix‘s reach. The other way you can go about it is Silence the staff and then take it out; it shouldn’t respawn and then the fight should be relatively easy.

If you are having a hard time with Heroic Phaerix, try this Priest Deck by Windslot:

1 Circle of Healing
2 Silence
2 Inner Fire
2 Light of the Naaru
2 Northshire Cleric
2 Divine Spirit
2 Shadow Word: Pain
2 Lightwell
2 Shadow Word: Death
2 Velen’s Chosen
2 Mass Dispel
2 Holy Champion
2 Holy Nova
1 Vol’jin
1 Holy Fire
1 Lightbomb
2 Deathlord

Once you defeat Phaerix for the first time, you’ll get Anubisath Sentinel and Summoning Stone.

Hearthstone Hearthstone


Guide to Defeating Temple Escape in Normal and Heroic Mode

HearthstoneThis one was the most original part of an Adventure I’ve seen in Hearthstone so far because it’s not about beating the opponent but, rather, surviving for 10 Turns in Normal mode while avoiding obstacles, fighting minions, and playing a bit of Choose-your-Own-Adventure game. The Hero Power for the temple is Escape, which places additional minions on the field in addition to the obstacle cards.

  • Obstacle: Orsis Guard is a 7/5 (8/8 in Heroic) with Divine Shield
  • Obstacle: Giant Insect is a 10/3 (10/6 in Heroic) Minion
  • Obstacle: Anubisath Statue is a 5/10 (6/15 in Heroic) Minion
  • Obstacle: Seething Statue is a 0/9 (5/9 in Heroic) Minion whose text says “At the end of your turn, deal 2 damage to all enemies (5 damage in Heroic)
  • Animated Statue is a 10/10 minion.
  • Choices: Pit of Spikes – Either Swing Across (Take 10 Damage or No Damage at All) or Walk Across Gingerly (Take 5 Damage)
  • Choice: A Glowing Pool – Either Drink Deeply (Draw a Card) or Wade Through (Gain a Mana Crystal)
  • Choice: The Eye – Either you Touch It (Restore 10 Health to Hero) or Investigate the Runes (Draw 2 Cards). No matter what you choose, Animated Statue will appear on the board.
  • Choice: The Darkness – Either Take the Shortcut (Get 1 Turn Closer to the Exit! Encounter a 7/7 War Golem) or No Way (Do Nothing).

On Turn 3 a minion called Rolling Boulder is placed on the right side of your board. This 0/4 Minion destroys the minion to its left each turn, so make sure that you don’t waste too much mana setting up a strong board the first couple of turns because that rock will kill some of them. From Turn 3 onwards and until you get rid of that boulder, make sure you play minions to its right side. What you can do is buff the boulder and use it as a minion to take out enemy minions while also killing it and getting that threat off your board.

Also, since your opponent has no minions, you’ll win any Joust you initiate, so keep this in mind when you are building a deck (it was especially helpful for me when needing to buff my help because Healing Wave will always give you 14 health). On Turn 5, the board is cleared on both sides, so don’t play any crazy expensive minions on Turn 4. On Turn 8 Seething Statue will enter the field and deal 2 (5 on Heroic) damage to all your minions.

In Heroic mode, make sure you bring along your good friend Big Game Hunter because most of the big minions are over 7 Attack. Bring removal like Execute or any kind of spell that easily removes big threats (Naturalize is also a great choice, and Poison Seeds not a very bad one). You could also bring spells like Polymorph or Aldor Peacekeeper to minimize threats.

If you are having a hard time escaping the Heroic Temple, try this Mage deck by LauraBF:

2 Ice Lance
2 Mirror Image
2 Frostbolt
2 Snowchugger
2 Frost Nova
2 Ice Barrier
2 Ice Block
2 Vaporize
2 Cone of Cold
2 Blizzard
2 Annoy-o-Tron
2 Doomsayer
2 Mad Scientist
2 Big Game Hunter
1 Coldlight Oracle
1 Sludge Belcher

Once you escape the Temple for the first time, you’ll get Rumbling Elemental, and Sacred Trial.

Hearthstone Hearthstone


Defeating the whole Temple of Orsis will get you Ancient Shade and the first Legendary, Reno Jackson.

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