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Untangle Weird, Tangled Worms in ‘Knotmania’

2 Think, an Italian game developer, is working on a unique puzzle game called Knotmania, releasing early next year, which is worth keeping an eye out for. The game gives you a tangled mass of worm-like creatures called Strings that you need to untangle from the knots they’ve invariably found themselves in. These Strings are alive, though, and they won’t necessarily make untangling them an easy experience, as they interact with the other half of their body, so getting the two ends away from each other is key to clearing each level.

The game tasks you with trying to not only untangle these creatures, but to do so in as few moves and as quickly as possible. You can tap to drop a ring on the String to start pulling it around, and use multitouch to drop two rings at once in order to stretch an end of a String out. Knotmania‘s really going for a quirky, unique feel with the game with the stylings of the interface, the wallpapered backgrounds, and the music by Fractures Audio contributing to the theme. And the game is particularly challenging because it forces you to deal not with lifeless objects sitting there, but these living creatures who are resistant to your actions, as you try to work quickly to get them untangled and not make the problem worse before you run out of time.

Knotmania is a really unique experience, though it’s certainly going to be a challenge as the more and more knot puzzles are introduced. Just dealing with two Strings is tough enough! The game is currently planned to release in late January 2016, and it could prove to be a really intriguing puzzle game.