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Another Day, Another Board Game – Martin Wallace’s ‘Brass’ Releases This Thursday

I think it’s officially true; the board game flood has drenched the App Store. A week ago we got Steam: Rails to Riches (which has had some major hiccups upon release), and just today we got Le Havre: The Inland Port ($3.99). This Thursday we are getting another great digital port, Martin Wallace’s Brass.

In Brass, players play as northern England industrialists during the Industrial Revolution, and their purpose is to build an economic engine that will crush the opposition. You can choose to build cotton mills, develop new technologies, dig canals, and so on. On the way to winning (or most probably losing) you’ll have to time your moves and position yourself so you force your opponents to help you reach your goals.

The game looks really good on mobile and, fortunately, it comes with asynchronous online multiplayer. In fact, the developers have stated that the main reason for deciding to bring Brass to mobile was the ability the platform provides to play against others at times that are convenient for all. The game offers many different game duration settings so you can play a Brass game that lasts over a month or a game that is almost real-time. The game looks very polished and the board game to mobile translation looks well-thought out. Brass will be out in a couple of days (or tomorrow, knowing how crazy App Store releases have been), so get your wallet ready if you like board games.

[via BoardGameGeek]