The ‘Hopiko’ Sale Will Please You, Music Shuffle Will Soothe You, the Hardcore Mode Will Drive You Mad Again

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Laser Dog Games’ Hopiko ($0.99) is a great game with a great soundtrack. The only problem is that the game at launch would have you just play one track over and over again unless you changed it. Which is fine if you enjoy that one track, but if you spend 15 minutes on one run, that song will become the soundtrack to your nightmares. Not any more – now you can shuffle tracks in the game, ensuring that your nightmares are full of a variety of the game’s fantastic soundtrack.

Speaking of nightmares, have you ever felt like going through all 10 runs in a stage, for a total of 50 levels in one go? Because, you know, you have some deep-seated issues you should seek therapy for? Well, until then, Hardcore mode lets you try to complete all 50 levels in a stage in one go, tracking your score and best time. I only hope that Laser Dog never implements a Super Hardcore mode where you try to go through every level in the entire game in one go. That would be bonkers. Please don’t.

Update: Oh no.

And lest we forget, the game’s on sale for $1.99 from its $3.99 regular price, too, so you can go mad from this game at a discount! Hooray!

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