‘Neko Atsume’, the Popular Japanese Cat-Collecting Game, is Now in English

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You might not have heard of Neko Atsume (Free), but it’s a game that’s gotten kind of a cult following despite not being available in English until now. Released in Japan by Hit-Point, a studio responsible for some of the many Kemco RPGs, this is a game about collecting and raising a bunch of cats. Where’s the appeal? Well, just take a look at the game:

Quite simply, the art style and goofiness clicked with a lot of people. And now it’s set to click with a lot more people, as the game no longer requires you to learn what its Japanese menus mean, as the interface is now optionally available in English. It’ll be interesting to see if this moves beyond the cult audience that it got outside of Japan, where the game was popular enough that Google Play did a livestream of a real-life version of the game with real cats for 11 hours:

So yeah, if buying kitty treats and assembling a yard full of different cats is your bag, check out Neko Atsume.

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