Activision is Buying For $5.9 Billion

King-com-logo-2013-teaserActivision is the king of the console world with the Call of Duty series, they’re dominating MMORPG’s with World of Warcraft, and it seems the proverbial Eye of Sauron has shifted its gaze to mobile. News just broke that Activision agreed to buy in a 5.9 billion dollar deal. Details beyond that are supremely vague at this point, but that’s an incredible amount of money any way you slice it.

The Candy Crush series has been a money printing machine for King for years now. The talent and expertise of the company behind one of mobile’s biggest hits combined with the might of Activision could mean some pretty crazy things for the world of smartphone gaming. Regardless of what happens, this comment thread is going to be an absolute tire fire, so strap in for that.

[via Financial Times]