TouchArcade Deals: Get a MiFi Mobile Hotspot and a Year of Service for $149

ef57c53963a5bfca47e43f49a4412fb434a83dfb_main_hero_imageFew things are more annoying when you really need to get online, and just can’t. The iPhone has been able to act as a WiFi hotspot for years now, but that’s dependent on two things: 1. Your cellular provider enabling that functionality. 2. You having data to spare to tether with. The second point is particularly relevant if you’re often traveling to the US and are roaming, as you might totally have the ability to tether, but with international data being so stinkin’ expensive, why would you?

Well, we’ve got a really cool deal that solves all these problems. Courtesy of TouchArcade Deals, we’re offering a MiFi 500 hotspot and a year of LTE service for $149. Each month you’ll get 1GB of service, and won’t be charged anything else unless you go over, at which point overage is billed at 2¢ a megabyte… Which as far as overage chargers are concerned, is not terrible.

The service is courtesy of the wireless ISP FreedomPop, and you can check their coverage maps here. Really, the only “catch" here, if you could even call it that, is that the MiFi hotspots in this deal are preowned. Additionally, while you can cancel service at any time you need to do so before the initial year is up otherwise they’ll start billing you $20 a month for continued service.