‘Oceanhorn’ Will Be an Apple TV Launch Title, Running in Full HD and 60 FPS, and Will Be Free for Current Owners

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With its longer-than-usual development cycle and crazy anticipation awaiting its release, it’s kind of hard to believe that Oceanhorn ($7.99) has been out for nearly two years now. This Zelda-inspired action RPG still feels as fresh as a daisy, and perhaps that’s because developers Cornfox & Bros. and FDG Entertainment have consistently updated the game over the past two years adding new features and optimizing for the latest hardware. That trend continues this week with the debut of the new Apple TV, as Oceanhorn will be right there alongside it as a launch title.



The Apple TV version of Oceanhorn will be fully playable using the new touch-based Siri Remote, but it will also support MFi Bluetooth controllers. In addition to that, Oceanhorn on the Apple TV will run in full 1080p HD and at 60fps, according to FDG. Perhaps best of all is that Oceanhorn will be a fully Universal title, meaning that if you own the current iOS version you’ll automatically gain access to the Apple TV version for free. Pretty neat, huh? Chances are pretty good that either Eli or myself will be getting our Apple TVs by Friday, and you can bet Oceanhorn will be one of the first titles we put through the wringer.

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