‘Minecraft Pocket Edition’ Got a Halloween Costume Pack – Go Dress as a Mob

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It’s the week of Halloween, and as you all know by now, developers on the App Store like to go trick or treating by adding Halloween art, levels, or characters to their games. In the case of Minecraft Pocket Edition ($6.99), the developers decided it would be fun to give players new skins to mess around with during Halloween. In the spirit of scaring other players, the Halloween Costume Pack lets you dress as your favorite mob from the game. In a way, the developers say, it’s like going out trick or treating as your favorite mob. The costumes are Cow costume, Creeper costume, Enderman costume, Ghast costume, Iron Golem costume, Mooshroom costume, Ocelot costume, Pig costume, Pink sheep costume, Rainbow sheep costume, Skeleton costume, Snow Golem costume, Spider costume, and Zombie costume.


The whole pack costs $0.99, and you can get the Iron Golem and Zombie costumes for free (as is usually the case with MCPE skins). In other MCPE news, Tommasso Checchi said that if their culling experiments end up working, yhey might be able to add ravines to the game without any performance problems at all. I’d enjoy seeing ravines in the game, but in general the better the game performs, the happier I’ll be. So, if you feel like trick or treating as a Creeper, go download those skins from the in-game menu.


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