Check Out Laura Kinney as the All-New Wolverine in ‘Marvel Puzzle Quest’ this Week

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Laura Kinney was created in a lab, the 23rd attempt to create a clone from Wolverine’s DNA. Dubbed X-23, she escapes confinement in the lab, seeks out Wolverine and enrolls in the Xavier Institute. Now, X-23 has donned the blue and yellow suit and is set to take on the roll of All-New Wolverine in a brand new comic series soon, and also in Marvel Puzzle Quest (Free) on mobile this Wednesday.

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It’s kind of crazy to see a character like this debut in a mobile game before the book itself is even out, but it’s also a sign of the age we live in where huge brands like Marvel have their toes dipped in all forms of media. For a full rundown of Laura’s abilities in the game, and what characters she’ll pair up well with, check out this interview with Marvel Puzzle Quest producer Joe Fletcher over at

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In addition to the All-New Wolverine, Marvel Puzzle Quest will also be featuring Cosplay Comic Variant Covers for six of Marvel’s books. Each cover features a cosplay version of that book’s character, and they’re really quite awesome. You can check the covers in-game from today until November 2nd, and they’re also featured at the afore-linked interview. Laura Kinney as the All-New Wolverine will debut in Marvel Puzzle Quest this Wednesday, October 28th.

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