Randomonium, the Latest ‘Hearthstone’ Tavern Brawl, is Double the RNG

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Well, last week I asked for a different type of Hearthstone (Free) Tavern Brawl than the one Blizzard had given us; I was tired of having to make my own deck, even if the actual rules were fun. Apparently, Blizzard reads my stuff because this week’s Tavern Brawl, Randomonium, is all about random cards and even more randomness on top of that. This week you’ll get to play under a heavy manastorm where you’ll choose a class, get random cards, and then each turn your cards’ cost is randomized. In other words, RNG on RNG, which is precisely what I enjoy in Tavern Brawls. I know some of you prefer more strategic Brawls, but I get my strategic fix on Ladder and Arena. In my Brawls, I want mayhem on top of mayhem with some more mayhem sprinkled on top. So, I like the rules of Randomonium quite a bit.

People over at reddit are reporting all kinds of craziness while playing the Brawl, including numerous cheap legendaries in decks or a 2-mana King Krush. And with all that randomness, even the weakest of the weak will manage to squeeze in a victory and get their free classic pack. Blizzard said that the Brawl should offer different things to different players. I’m glad to see RNG-heavy Brawls because they help weaker players get free cards and a better collection. The Brawl is now available in NA, so go roll your sleeves up and bathe in that RNG glory.


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