‘VainGlory’ Version 1.9 Update Now Available: Skins, Phinns, Costumes and Characters

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The VainGlory (Free) version 1.9 update is out now, and boy howdy new character Phinn looks like a killer. This aquatic maniac is going to be their first hero with a pull mechanic. Much like Pudge in Dota or Blitzcrank in League of Legends, Phinn is going to be the guy who drags his enemies back into the fray.

The big deal about Phinn is that rather than a single target hook, his hook can grab an entire team if they are bunched up. Oh, he also has an AoE vacuum. Oh, he also has a line snare that upgrades into a line stun. Oh, his passive makes him basically immune to CC. Oh. WOW.

Now we don’t have specifics on damage numbers but this is a COMPLETELY unprecedented amount of suction/CC on any moba character I have ever seen. If you want to run away from a Phinn, good luck cause you are going to need it.

Now the patch notes have a few other goodies outside of the unflappable Phinn. Just in time for the Halloween season we get our first look at the Celeste and Petal limited time skins. If history has taught us anything, it’s that limited time skins cause a stupid amount of player complaints, so we should all be thankful that Super Evil Mega Corp has opened themselves up to some angry customer service in order to provide some really cool looking collectors item type skins.

Also a note easy to pass by in the list is that if you log in on iOS in October, you can get a free Celeste champion or Taka champion if you log in on Android.

All these things, along with the start of season 1 of ranked play and the addition of Guilds and Teams, make this an amazing patch. No matter how you enjoy playing Vainglory, there is some new stuff for everyone.

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